• Blinds Finding balance while selecting your window coverings may seem like a challenge. However, with the help of a Budget Blinds Style Consultant, you will be able to choose the right set of wood blinds, faux wood blinds, vertical blinds, or fabric blinds from our exclusive Inspired Blinds™ collection, for any room in your home. With benefits including privacy and room lighting control, window blinds provide the perfect balance between shutters and shades and add a polished look and new pizzazz to a room's decor.

  • Motorized Blinds

    Motorized blinds offer many benefits. They reduce the wear and tear that comes from manual operation, and eliminate the danger of your children or pets becoming entangled in dangling cords. Whether you simply wish to raise and lower your blinds automatically, or want precise control over tilting blind slats, motorization is available for all types of blinds including, wood and faux wood blinds, composite and fabric blinds, and aluminum and vinyl blinds.

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    More about motorized blinds

    Thought motorized blinds were only for the rich and famous? Think again. Take advantage of the convenience that motorization provides for your home. As the price of this technology continues to lower, more and more homeowners are electing to motorize their home window treatments.

    There are many different advantages to having motorized blinds. First and foremost of these advantages is the convenience factor that having remotely operated blinds presents. Motorized blinds can also help homeowners save money on monthly energy bills by making it much easier to raise and lower the blinds depending on the whims of the weather, and since they eliminate dangling cords, they are child safe.

    Window blinds can also be programmed to open or close themselves, depending on the time of day or the amount of sun they are receiving. Learn about these technologically advanced window treatments from an expert. Give your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant a call today.

  • Wood Blinds

    Real wood blinds come in 1 to 2 ½” slat sizes and are available in a variety of colours and stain finishes. They can also be custom colour-matched to complement your existing wood furnishings! Add decorative cloth tape or cornice boxes to your wood blinds to further accentuate your décor. Whether you prefer classic or contemporary furnishings, wood blinds complement the style of any home, creating an exceptionally welcoming environment in bedrooms and living rooms.

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    More about wood blinds

    Wood Blinds complement many décor styles by adding the natural beauty of wood to the room. Available in a host of stain finishes, natural wood blinds provide warmth to modern décor, beckon the Great Outdoors inside, and create cozy settings... handsomely.

    Wood blinds, available through your local Budget Blinds, are constructed using timber from certified sustainable forests and are as eco-friendly and environmentally conscious as possible. A true crowd pleaser, wood blinds can be tastefully implemented into any type of interior home design that you prefer. Classic or contemporary, these window treatments can really help tie the theme of your rooms together with ease.

    If you want an expert opinion before you decide on your new wood blinds, give your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant a call today, they will be happy to meet with you for a free in-home consultation.

  • Faux Wood Blinds

    Get the classic look of real wood blinds, but with the added durability of composite blinds. Made from durable polymer materials, faux wood blinds won't crack, chip, or peel. They also have UVA inhibitors that keep them from yellowing over time. Choose from variety of colours including whites, neutrals, and deep wood grains to complement your home décor. These blinds are able to resist moisture in humid or wet environments, like steamy bathrooms and hot kitchens.

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    More about faux wood blinds

    Faux wood blinds add the beauty of real wood to your décor with additional durability that can’t be matched by natural wood blinds. These blinds are great options for high moisture areas of the home, like kitchens and baths, because they resist warping. Faux wood blinds are available in a variety of stains and paint finishes to complement your home décor.

    Faux wood blinds are the perfect solution for homeowners who want to have wood blinds throughout their home, but don’t want to replace the blinds in their kitchen or bathroom should they start to warp or crack. Faux wood blinds are moisture-resistant because they don’t have any natural wood elements, making them the perfect solution for rooms that receive high amounts of moisture, or for homes that are in extremely humid climates.

    If you can’t decide between real wood blinds and faux wood blinds, get in touch with your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant today and they will help you determine whether or not faux wood blinds are the right choice for you.

  • Composite Wood Blinds

    Crafted to look like wood blinds, composite blinds are light-weight and offer a high-end feel at an affordable price. A great alternative to real wood blinds, composite blinds are constructed from high-quality synthetic materials that prevent blind slats from fading and cracking over time. Choose from a wide variety of wood paint colors and stains that are furniture-quality and provide a beautiful, durable finish to match any décor.

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    More about composite wood blinds

    A blind that is as rugged as your lifestyle, Budget Blinds Composite Blinds look and feel like natural wood, but are reinforced with durable polymers to resist fading, warping and cracking. There are colours and stains to complement any décor...including yours.

    Composite blinds are the happy medium between natural wood blinds and faux wood blinds. They are made using real wood and polymers to provide the look and feel of natural timber with the long-lasting durability that comes with faux wood blinds. Composite blinds will not fade or crack and can be a great solution for any room in the home. They are especially useful for windows that face constant sunlight during the day.

    To learn more about these affordably priced composite window treatments, give your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant a call today.

  • Vertical Blinds

    Vertical blinds are the perfect solution for covering tall windows and sliding glass doors. Vertical blinds offer multiple operation options including chain control, wand tilt, right draw, left draw, and split draw for personalized control of your view. When opened, they stack tightly to the side, allowing you to take full advantage of your outside view. They are also available with optional cordless wand controls to help keep children and pets safe.

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    More about vertical blinds

    Vertical Blinds are one of the most stylish and affordable ways to cover any type of window and are extremely useful for large expanses of windows and sliding glass doors. Vertical blinds are available in a multitude of materials; you can choose from wood, vinyl or fabric panels in hundreds of colours, textures and patterns.

    With their simple operation and extreme versatility, vertical blinds are an ideal window treatment for large windows and sliding glass doors. With the slats open they can be stacked to one side to allow a completely unobstructed view, and when they are drawn closed, they provide maximum privacy and light blockage.

    Wood, vinyl, and fabric vertical blinds each have their own unique advantages. To find out what type of window covering solution would work best in your home give your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant a call today.

  • Fabric Louvered Blinds

    If you are seeking the light-filtering quality of fabric shades, but want the functionality of traditional window blinds, then search no further than our exclusive Inspired Blinds™ collection of fabric blinds available in room darkening and light filtering fabrics in a wide assortment of colours to choose from. Depending on the opacity you choose, when opened, fabric blinds softly filter light into your room, and when closed, provide you with room darkening and privacy. Fabric blinds are treated with a special topcoat designed to repel dust and dirt, so they are easy to care for and only need the occasional dusting.

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    More about fabric louvered blinds

    Inspired Blinds, sold exclusively through Budget Blinds is the ultimate fabric blind. The variety of colours and versatility of the blinds’ style allows it to fit beautifully in any décor. Discover a remarkable range of looks and light-filtering possibilities with this popular product. Fabric blinds are great for high-moisture areas like kitchens and bathrooms because they are moisture resistant.

    Inspired Blinds fabric blinds can offer your home something that no other blind can – light filtration and room-darkening! When light filtering fabric blinds are closed, they still provide a warm glow of diffused daylight. If you love the look of blinds and you want protection from the harsh, damaging UV rays of the sun, and want to completely bathe the room in darkness, Inspired Blinds room darkening fabric blinds are the perfect option for you.

    Your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant would be happy to help you pick the perfect fabric blinds for your home during your free in-home consultation.