• Window Shades Of all the window coverings available, window shades provide the most variety and diversity. Budget Blinds carries seven completely different types of shades and each one can be customized to your satisfaction. Our exclusive Inspired Shades™ collection offers a complete line of natural woven shades in soft, natural fibers like hemp, jute and flax, and a stunning assortment of custom roller shades in contemporary prints and colours that you won’t find anywhere else! From the simple but effective energy-saving cellular shades, to the elegance of luxurious Roman shades, Budget Blinds is sure to have the perfect set of window shades to fit the unique style of your home.

  • Motorized Shades

    Imagine opening every window covering in your home with the simple touch of a button! The ultimate in convenience, control, and sophistication, motorized shades are an impressive addition to any home and an ideal choice for family rooms, kids' rooms, and playrooms since motorization eliminates dangling cords. Your favorite shades including, roman shades, cellular shades, woven wood shades, and more – can all be motorized!

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    More about motorized shades

    A few years ago, motorized window treatments were a high-end luxury item in a home. However, with the rapid pace of technological innovation, the same window motorization technology is much more affordable and can be used to make your home a great deal more convenient.

    Do you have windows in hard to reach areas? Maybe above the stairs or even a skylight? Motorized shades could be the perfect option to make your hard to reach window treatments more manageable. The same can be said for large or oversized windows; if you have difficulty manually operating your treatments, try window shade motorization! And since they’re inherently cordless, motorized shades are child-friendly and eliminate the danger of your children or pets becoming entangled in dangling cords.

    Your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant can help you decide if motorized window shades are the right option for you.

  • Roller Shades

    Today's roller shades are sleek and stylish. They are easy to operate, affordable, and have diverse light-filtering options for greater flexibility when it comes to controlling sunlight. The design possibilities are endless thanks to hundreds of fabrics, textures and embellishments from which to choose.

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    More about roller shades

    These aren’t the roller shades of 10 years ago. The shade’s controlling mechanism has been refined in the past decade to make roller shades a much more manageable window treatment. Today’s roller shades are some of the most stylish and diversely patterned window coverings on the market. Our Inspired Shades™ collection, available exclusively through Budget Blinds, features a stunning assortment of custom roller shades in 80 original contemporary print patterns, and nearly 240 decorative fabric options that are perfect for the modern home. 

    Talk to your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant about setting up a free in-home consultation to discuss your window treatment options and discover what kind of roller window shades would work best in your home.

  • Roman Shades

    Roman shades incorporate the beauty of fabric with the ease of operation of a blind. Explore the décor possibilities available to you through various materials, textures and styles ranging from crisp and contemporary to bold and dramatic. Consider a bottom-up / top-down option, which allows you to lower shades from the top, or raise them from the bottom, to maintain privacy while letting natural light in.

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    More about roman shades

    Roman shades are a wonderful window treatment for homeowners looking for the luxurious feel of draperies, but the simplicity and usability of a window shade. Budget Blinds’ popular cordless lift option makes it easy for Roman shades to be raised or lowered for the ideal outside view.

    Not only do these beautiful window treatments add a sense of class and sophistication to your home, they also provide insulation, which can help cut down on energy costs when used correctly.

    Your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant can show you the plethora of Roman shade options available and help you choose the perfect window covering for your home.

  • Woven Wood Shades

    Woven wood shades let you express yourself naturally. Made from renewable resources like grasses, reeds, and woods, woven wood shades are not only your home's friend, but an ecologically friendly choice as well. Available in a multitude of natural colours, woven wood shades add texture, dimension and organic style to sitting rooms, family rooms and bedrooms, without harming the environment.

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    More about woven wood shades

    Handcrafted from the beauty of the natural world, woven wood shades are built from (literally) the ground up with grasses, woods, and naturally growing reeds. These materials are all 100% organic and harvested from only sustainably managed forests and are 100% environmentally friendly and recyclable. Our Inspired Shades™ collection, sold exclusively through Budget Blinds, features natural woven shades that are made of soft fibers like hemp, jute, kenaf and flax that bring a new level of softness, elegance and simple, natural beauty to your home.

    Woven wood shades can be crafted into top-down / bottom-up shades, panel tracks, and even roller shades! While the weave of the natural materials makes for a naturally semi-transparent window covering, Budget Blinds offers privacy or blackout liners to ensure that your shades serve the purpose you intend them to.

    Ask your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant to show you our wide variety of eco-friendly woven wood shades today!

  • Sheer Shades

    Our Signature Illusions™ sheer shades are unique window coverings that offer the privacy and function of a window shade, with the softening view of a sheer. When open, sheer fabric shades provide a level of privacy and protection from the sun without sacrificing your view. Sheer shades are perfect for living rooms, sun rooms, kitchens and dens that would particularly benefit from natural light.

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    More about sheer shades

    Sheer shades are a new breed of hybrid window treatments. They combine the privacy benefits of a window shade with the room softening glow of sheer drapes or curtains. These window shades are great for filtering bright incoming sunlight into a delicate warm radiance.

    Perhaps the best feature of sheer shades is the fact that they can fit in almost any home décor. Although sheer, there is never any need to worry about privacy with sheer shades. Even when the vanes are open, the two layers of soft knitted fabric help to maintain a level of privacy at all times.

    Contact your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant to set up a complimentary in-home consultation and they will bring samples right to your door.

  • Pleated and Cellular Shades

    These shades offer a unique window covering option. Their folded accordion design adds an attractive dimension to rooms and stacks flat when raised to allow a full and open view. Cellular shades filter light beautifully and provide an insulating layer to your windows that helps to keep your room at an ideal temperature year-round. Both shades come in cordless options, making them safe choices for homes with children and pets.

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    More about pleated and cellular shades

    Pleated shades are one of the traditionally classic window shades. Their clean lines and sleek pleats make them a very desirable window treatment for many homeowners. Now couple that style with innovative technology that improves insulation and increases energy efficiency, and you have cellular shades from Budget Blinds.

    Sometimes called honeycomb shades, these window coverings are built to incorporate small pockets or “cells” of air, and these cells act as a trap for both warm air leaving your home, and warm air entering your home. This creates an effective insulation shield against incoming and escaping heat!

    Give your local Budget Blinds a call today to set up a free in-home consultation with a Style Consultant to go over your design options for pleated and cellular shades.

  • Solar Shades

    Energy-efficient solar shades are among the most versatile window coverings available. They are an excellent shield against solar heat gain and help keep your cooling costs down during the hot summer months. Additionally, they significantly reduce the suns glare, making them ideal solutions for TV rooms and studies, as you won’t have any difficulties viewing your computer monitor or television screen.

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    More about solar shades

    As the name suggests, these window coverings are an excellent shield against solar heat gain, and while this is their primary use, solar shades are much more than a one-trick-pony. In addition to providing an excellent defense against heat gain in your home, these window shades are energy efficient and significantly reduce glare without closing the room off from the sun. Solar shades gently filter light to create a warm ambience in any room they are used in.

    Solar shades are a clean looking window treatment and go with many different home fashion styles. To find the perfect solar shade solution for your home, get in contact with the Style Consultant at your local Budget Blinds!

  • Panel Tracks

    If a standard vertical blind isn’t quite your style, choose from a wide variety of vertical blind alternatives, including vertical cellular shades, sheer vertical blinds, and sliding panel tracks. Panel tracks come in custom configurations including free-floating, side stack, and split stack, so you can easily adjust your privacy levels. They offer a modern and structured appeal to your home, and come in a wide variety of on-trend fabrics to choose from.

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    More about panel tracks

    Panel tracks are one of the hottest products on the market today. The beautiful fabric panels are actually attached to the track, allowing them to glide easily from side to side on large windows or slider doors. If you are looking for an alternative solution to vertical blinds, Panel tracks may be the perfect solution for your window treatment dilemma. They have become increasingly popular, as homeowners and designers alike, look for new ways to dress up windows and sliding glass doors.

    Panel tracks can even be used as the perfect dividers between rooms like a sunroom and an office. The oversized panels allow for a wide range of design possibilities and can fit into many aesthetically pleasing home décors.

    To find out if these avant-garde window treatments are right for your home, consult one of the style experts from your local Budget Blinds.