• Motorization, Window Film, Pillows, Bedding & More Window treatments are essential in every home, but no home would be complete without the right accessories to accompany your furnishings. If you thought Budget Blinds only carried window coverings, think again! Budget Blinds is your one-stop-shopping experience from the comfort of your home. Let our Style Consultants help you find the perfect accessories to match your brand new or existing window coverings and furnishings.

  • Motorization

    Control your window treatments and light preferences at the touch of a button, or program them to open and close whenever you desire! Choose from a variety of control options including wireless wall switches, hand-held remotes, timers and sensors. Motorized window coverings are ideal for those hard to reach windows, and especially safe for children and pets. Whether you prefer blinds, shades, shutters or drapes, all popular Budget Blinds window coverings can be motorized!

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    Motorized window coverings offer many benefits. Not only do they provide a simple and effective way to cover your home’s windows at just the touch of a button, you can also save money on your utility bills by programming your window coverings so that they raise and lower throughout the day to keep your home at a balanced temperature.

    Window treatment motorization options allow you to adjust your window treatments on the go, wherever you may be! Motorization also eliminates dangling cords to create a safe and comfortable environment for your children and pets, and to reduce wear and tear that comes with manual operation.

    Contact your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant today and set up a complimentary in-home consultation to find out how you can best use motorized window coverings in your home.

  • Window Film

    Don’t let the sun depreciate your interiors! Protect your fabrics and furnishings from sun-bleaching and UV damage with the help of professionally installed window film. Applied directly to your window's surface, window film manages solar heat gain and can save you money on energy costs. Window film effectively eliminates hot spots and reduces glare, and can protect your windows from damage caused from flying objects.

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    Did you know that premium clear window film rejects 40% of the sun’s heat and 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays? It’s true! And many homeowners don’t want to block a particularly splendid view with any type of obstruction, even if it is a window covering that can be raised or lowered. For these homeowners, window film is the perfect option.

    Window film will help keep your home cool and your interior furnishings protected. There are many different types of window film, so get in contact with your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant today to find out which would be best for your home.

  • Tableaux Faux Iron™

    Tableaux faux iron is an inexpensive decorative solution that can dress up your doors and windows. Use throughout your home on ceilings, walls, skylight windows and more. This gorgeous iron-looking art is a fraction of the weight of wrought iron or lead glass, and is made from rust-proof material to withstand sun and moisture and stay beautiful for years to come.

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    More about tableaux faux iron

    Get the timeless look of wrought iron without the difficulties that come with the real thing! Tableaux faux iron from Budget Blinds can be built to fit any shape or size and it offers gorgeous interior design solutions in areas where it would be hard to place anything else.

    Tableaux faux iron offers more than a touch of artistic expression in your home and can be placed on ceilings, in arches, skylights and even air conditioning grills! Check out our library of designs or create your own design for a completely unique decorative piece in your home. Contact your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant to learn more!

  • Screens

    Window screens have a variety of beneficial uses. They allow you to enjoy refreshing breezes without obstructing your view, help block harmful UV rays, and keep the bugs out. Consider installing retractable screens in doorways or on sliding glass windows, as they are sturdy enough to handle everyday use, and fully retract into their casing when not in use so they don't get in your way. 

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    More about screens

    Window screens can often be overlooked when it comes to window coverings. This should not be the case as window screens have a wide range of uses. Their most basic use is to allow the window to be open, but still provide that mesh barrier to ward off insects and other pesky critters. Screens are also nearly invisible from the inside so they won’t affect your outside view.

    Retractable screens are there when you need them, and out of sight when you don't. They can be used in place of almost any traditional or sliding screen door and are ideal for exterior single or double swinging doors, including French doors and sliding patio doors. 

    Call your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant to learn more about the benefits of window screens.

  • Rugs

    Make Budget Blinds your one-stop shop for your home decorating needs, including area rugs! Our attractive collection of area rugs comes in a wide array of colours, shags and patterns, from contemporary geometric styles to traditional Persian rugs. We offer everything you need to meet your specific decorative tastes.

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    More about area rugs

    Our area rugs are available in classic shapes, including round, square, octagon, and runner styles, and in a variety of sizes from 2x3 to 12x15. Many styles can be made to order so you can customize them to the exact size you need to fit in any room in your home.

    Your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant can show you hundreds of samples from our expansive collection during your free in-home consultation.

  • Pillows

    Budget Blinds can design custom decorative throw pillows in a wide array of fabric colours, textures and patterns to meet your distinctive desires. Our decorative pillows can be designed to match our custom draperies and shades, including our luxurious bedding ensembles, to outfit every room in your home.

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    Not only functional, decorative throw pillows are an easy and eye-catching way to add pizzazz to your rooms. We can add ruffles, crystals, buttons and other decorative embellishments to your pillows to give your rooms a new look or to create a desired atmosphere.

    Whether or not you choose to match throw pillows to your window coverings, your local Style Consultant can provide you with styles you are sure to love.

  • Bedding

    Our Inspired Bedding Collection™ sold exclusively through Budget Blinds offers a diverse selection of quality bedding and bedding ensembles to choose from, including comforters, bedspreads, duvet covers, sheet sets, quilts, blankets, pillows and more. Our attractive collection is available in a wide array of fabrics, textures and patterns to meet your specific desires.

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    While not all your guests will see the bedroom, you will be seeing that room more than any other in the home. Make it your own with custom and luxurious hotel-style bedding sets from Budget Blinds. Our Inspired Bedding Collection keeps comfort the priority and provides the perfect start to a great night’s rest.

    Your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant can show you a variety of styles from our expansive bedding collection during your free in-home consultation.