• Curtains & Drapes - Curtains and drapes have been among the best-selling window treatments in recent years and are continuing to grow in popularity. They can be used as both a standalone window treatment or as a secondary window covering to add to blinds or shades. Our Inspired Drapes® collection provides you the widest selection of curtain and  drapes and other soft window treatments, custom pillows and bedding, all with luxurious designer touches at an attractive price. Available in too many colours, patterns and styles to list, curtains and drapes are the perfect window treatments for homeowners looking to add drama to their windows.

  • Drapery Motorization

    Unveil your view with ease using motorized draperies. The motors are noticeably quiet and the smooth operation allows draperies to open and close at just the touch of a button. Choose from several control options including wireless wall switches, hand-held remotes, timers and sensors. Adding motorization to your draperies is a safe and convenient option for bringing light and privacy to your home.

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    Have a window in a hard to reach area? What about a wide expanse of windows that would take forever to operate manually? These are among the many reasons that homeowners are motorizing their window treatments. Imagine being able to close all of your window treatments with the touch of a button while you are at home, in the car, or at work from your Smart device.

    With Budget Blinds drapery motorization, you have the option to close or open your window treatments from anywhere! Contact your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant to learn more about all of the conveniences of motorized drapes.

  • Curtains

    Flowing curtains create a sense of sophistication and prominence in a room and are a great way to add an accent colour to your home in a lighthearted, airy way. Curtains are available in a vast selection of colours, fabrics, patterns and prints, and can be ordered in a variety of lengths to suit your unique décor and individual style.

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    More about curtains

    Many people consider drapes and curtains to be the same window treatment. While they look quite similar and operate in a nearly identical fashion, curtains have a more sheer quality to them than drapes.

    They are generally made from materials that do not completely block the light, but rather filter it through a sheer material. Curtains, like their sister window covering drapes, can be used as the only treatment on a window or can be combined with another type of window covering to give your windows that much sought after layered look.

    Talk to your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant to learn more about what types, colours, and styles would work best in your home.

  • Draperies

    Draperies add drama to your windows. Use them to visually anchor a window or beautifully frame a view. Choose from a variety of styles, fabrics and colours to express your style, including bold prints and patterns that bring an exciting element to any room. Their distinctive styling can include traditional pinch pleats to eye-catching grommets for a unique visual appeal.

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    More about draperies

    Draperies are the “ballroom dress” of the window coverings industry. Their illustrious folds and the way they shimmer in the wind on a summer afternoon add a little touch of drama to any windowscape.

    Interior decorators often use draperies to visually anchor the eyes to a window, or they can be used to frame the perfect outside view. While these elegant window treatments can be used to great effect on their own, draperies also work beautifully in conjunction with other window coverings such as blinds or shades.

    To find the perfect set of draperies for every room in your home, give your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant a call today to schedule your free in-home consultation. They can provide you with window coverings advice, fabric samples, and fantastic interior design input!

  • Valances and Hardware

    Valances and hardware is to a window as jewelry is to a great outfit. Use valances, rods, finials, tie backs, rings and more as a low cost yet beautifying addition to your windows to create a robust design piece. We offer a wide selection of valances and window hardware to add the perfect finishing touch to your drapes and curtains.

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    Window treatment hardware is the little detail that really adds to the overall beauty of your curtains or drapes. This is where you can really fine-tune the details of your windowscape. Using the myriad of options available through your local Budget Blinds, you can find a combination of hardware pieces that will make your home’s windows truly and completely unique. Our large selection of valances, rods, finials, tie-backs, rings, and more will fully customize every aspect of your new curtains or draperies.

    With experience in all window treatments and interior design styles, your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant will be sure to find the perfect combination to adorn your home.